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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 7: Permit for performance of necessary work or labor on Sunday; fees

Section 7. The police commissioner of the city of Boston, or any member of the police department having a rank not lower than that of captain and designated by said commissioner, or the chief of police or the board or other officer in charge of the police department of any other city or of any town, or the chairman of the board of selectmen of any town where no police department has been established, upon reasonable terms and conditions may issue a permit for the performance on Sunday of necessary work or labor which could not be performed on any other day without serious suffering, loss, damage or public inconvenience, or which could not be performed on any other day without delay to military defense work. Permits for Sunday work in stores covered by clause (50) of section six, shall not be granted without the approval of the department of labor and workforce development, which shall approve such permits only on a uniform basis throughout the commonwealth.

A permit under this section shall cover not more than one day. Application shall be made within sixty days prior to the day on which the permit is to be used, and a permit shall be issued or denied within fifteen days of application. The fee for such a permit will be set by the mayor of a city or the selectmen of a town, but in no event shall any such fee for said permit be greater than ten dollars.