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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 16B: Time within which application for licenses shall be granted or dismissed; notice of approval; number of applications

Section 16B. Applications for licenses or permits authorized to be granted by the commission shall be granted or dismissed not later than thirty days after the filing of the same, and, except as provided in section sixteen A, applications for licenses authorized to be granted by the local licensing authorities, and applications for transfers of licenses issued by such local licensing authorities under section twenty-three, shall be acted upon within a like period and if favorably acted upon by the said authorities shall be submitted for approval by the commission not later than three days following such favorable action; provided, however, that local licensing authorities shall not be required to act prior to December fifteenth in any year on applications for the renewal of annual licenses filed in accordance with the provisions of section sixteen A or prior to April fifteenth in any year on applications for the renewal of seasonal licenses so filed. A license so approved shall be issued by said authorities not later than seven days following receipt of notice of approval by the commission. Any applicant for a license under this chapter who fails to comply with the requirements of section seventy within fourteen days after notice that a license has been authorized to be granted to him shall forfeit any right thereto, unless the licensing authorities to which application was made otherwise determine.

The licensing authorities shall not receive more than two applications for a license under section twelve or fifteen to be exercised on the same premises during the same license year.