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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 18B: Issuance of certificates of compliance to licensees authorized to export or sell alcoholic beverages to domestic licensees; information concerning shipments; issuance of certificates to immediate family; cancellation and revocation of certificates

Section 18B. The commission shall issue a certificate of compliance to a licensee having a place of business located, and a license granted, outside the commonwealth and whose license authorizes the exportation or sale of alcoholic beverages to licensees in this commonwealth; provided, that such certificate shall be issued upon the condition that the holder shall furnish from time to time as the commission may require, but in no event more often than once each month, information concerning all shipments or sales of alcoholic beverages made by him to licensees in this commonwealth, and that he comply with the provisions of this chapter and any rules or regulations made under authority contained therein which pertain to a licensee of the same class, type or character, doing business in this commonwealth under a license issued by the commission. The commission may suspend, cancel or revoke any certificate issued hereunder for a violation of the terms or conditions thereof. All certificates shall be issued to expire December thirty-first of the year of issuance and the fee therefor shall be no less than $200.

No person who holds a certificate under this section shall hold or be granted a license under section eighteen. A person shall be deemed to hold a certificate under this section and a license under section eighteen if such person or any member of his immediate family holds such a certificate and license. As used in this section the words ''immediate family'' shall include the certificate holder and his spouse and their parents, children, brothers and sisters.

Violation of the provisions of this section shall be cause for the revocation of all certificates and licenses held by the certificate holder and his immediate family.

In the case of a corporate certificate holder or licensee any person or his immediate family who owns more than ten per cent of the stock of such corporation shall be deemed to be the certificate holder or licensee under this section.