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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 19H: License to sell for on-premises consumption alcoholic beverages produced by person holding Sec. 19B, 19C or 19E license

[ Text of section added by 2016, 219, Sec. 105 effective August 10, 2016.]

  Section 19H. Notwithstanding section 17, a local licensing authority, subject to the approval of the commission, may grant a license under this section to any person that holds any combination of a farmer-winery license under section 19B, a farmer-brewery license under section 19C or a farmer-distillery license under section 19E, may be granted a license under this section to sell, for on-premises consumption, any alcoholic beverages produced by its said section 19B, 19C or 19E license or produced for the said section 19B, 19C or 19E licensee and sold under the licensee's brand name, on any of its premises licensed under said section 19B, 19C or 19E, and on the grounds of the farm operated as appurtenant and contiguous to, and in conjunction with, such premises; provided, however, that these premises are operated appurtenant and contiguous to each other.