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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 24: Promulgation of regulations by commission; approval

Section 24. The commission shall, in accordance with chapter thirty A and with the approval of the treasurer, make regulations not inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter for clarifying, carrying out, enforcing and preventing violation of, all and any of its provisions for inspection of the premises and method of carrying on the business of any licensee, for insuring the purity, and penalizing the adulteration, or in any way changing the quality or content, of any alcoholic beverage, for the proper and orderly conduct of the licensed business, for establishing maximum prices chargeable by licensees under this chapter, and regulating all advertising of alcoholic beverages, except such advertising as appears in publications which are circulated to the liquor trade and not to the general public, or such advertising wherein licensees jointly or cooperatively advertise product prices; provided, however, that the number of licensees participating in any such advertisement shall not exceed seven, and shall, with like approval, make regulations governing the labelling of packages of alcoholic beverages as to their ingredients and the respective quantities thereof.