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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 29: Use and sale of alcoholic beverages by registered pharmacists; prescriptions; prescription books; sales in original sealed packages

Section 29. A registered pharmacist in a city or town who holds a certificate of fitness under the following section, having complied with all provisions of law relative to the practice of pharmacy, irrespective of the vote of the city or town under section eleven, may use alcohol for the manufacture of United States pharmacopoeia or national formulary preparations and all medicinal preparations unfit for beverage purposes, and may sell alcohol, and, upon the prescription of a registered physician, (1) wines, (2) malt beverages, and (3) other alcoholic beverages. Each of the three foregoing classes shall be sold only on separate prescriptions and in quantity not exceeding one gallon of wines, one gallon of malt beverages and one quart of other alcoholic beverages. Every such prescription shall be dated and signed by the physician and shall contain the name of the person prescribed for.

All such prescriptions shall be retained and kept on file in a separate book by the pharmacist selling the same and shall not be refilled. Such prescription book shall be open at all times to inspection of the board of registration in pharmacy, licensing authorities and their agents and police officers. Nothing in this chapter shall disqualify a registered pharmacist from being licensed under section fifteen, provided that he sells no cooked food to be consumed on the premises; but a license issued to a registered pharmacist under said section shall be included in computing the number of licenses that may be granted in any city or town as provided in section seventeen.

Sales of alcoholic beverages hereunder shall be made only in the original sealed packages, and such beverages shall not be permitted to be drunk on the premises.