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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 30B: Kinds of licenses issued to druggists under Sec. 30A; transfers

Section 30B. One or more licenses may be granted annually under the provisions of section thirty A by the licensing authorities of a city or town to retail druggists who are registered pharmacists actively engaged in business on their own account, or on the account of the widow, executor or administrator of a deceased registered pharmacist, or of the wife of one who has become incapacitated, upon presentation to said authorities of the certificate prescribed by section thirty, if it appears that the applicant is a proper person to receive such license. A registered pharmacist who owns stock of the actual value of at least five hundred dollars in a corporation which has been incorporated for the purpose of carrying on the drug business, and who conducts in person the business of a store of such corporation, shall be considered as actively engaged in business on his own account and as qualified to receive a license for such store. The licensing authorities may refuse to grant any and all such licenses.

A license granted under section thirty A may be transferred to a registered pharmacist, qualified to receive such a license in the first instance, if the licensing authorities determine that the interests in the ownership of the store in which the license was granted to be exercised remain substantially unchanged.