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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 51: Disposition of forfeited alcoholic beverages and vessels

Section 51. Any beverages and vessels so forfeited shall, by authority of the written order of the court, be forwarded to the colonel of the state police, who upon receipt of the same shall notify said court thereof. If, in the judgment of the colonel, it is for the best interests of the commonwealth that such beverages and vessels be destroyed, he shall destroy or cause the destruction of such beverages and vessels, but if in his judgment it is for the best interests of the commonwealth to sell the same, he shall cause the same to be sold, or he may deliver such alcoholic beverages to any department or agency of the commonwealth for medical, mechanical or scientific uses. The proceeds of such sales shall be paid into the treasury of the commonwealth. The officer who serves said order of the court shall be allowed therefor fifty cents, but shall not be entitled to receive any traveling fees or mileage on account of the service thereof.