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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 2: Appeal to superior court; trial by jury; costs

Section 2. A person aggrieved by such order may appeal to the superior court for the county where such building or other structure is situated, if, within three days after the service of such attested copy upon him, he commences a civil action in such court. Trial by jury shall be had as in other civil causes. The jury may affirm, annul or alter such order, and the court shall render judgment in conformity with said verdict, which shall take effect as an original order. If the order is affirmed, the plaintiff shall pay the costs; if it is annulled, he shall recover from the town his damages, if any, and costs; and if it is altered, the court may render such judgment as to costs as justice shall require. All proceedings hereunder authorized by section ten of chapter one hundred and forty-three, after issue is joined therein, shall be in order for trial and shall have precedence over any case of a different nature pending in said court and then in order for trial.