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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 9: Decree for permanent injunction; sale of furniture; order closing building used for prostitution

Section 9. If upon subsequent hearing the existence of the nuisance shall be established, the court shall enter a decree permanently enjoining the maintenance thereof, including in such decree an order of abatement directing the sheriff of the county or his deputy to enter the building or place where the nuisance existed and to sell all furniture, musical instruments and movable property used in maintaining the nuisance, in the manner provided for the sale of chattels under execution, and to remove the same. If it shall appear that the bill of complaint was filed five or more days after notice to the record owner of the premises, and that he did not proceed forthwith to enforce his rights under section nineteen, such order of abatement shall further direct the effectual closing of the building or the place and the prohibition of its use for any purpose for one year, unless sooner released as provided in section eleven. For the purpose of proving the existence of the nuisance the general reputation of the place shall be admissible as evidence.