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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 116: Dangerous engines or furnaces; nuisance; building regulations; service of process

Section 116. In a town which accepts this section or has accepted corresponding provisions of earlier laws, the aldermen or the selectmen, after due notice in writing to the owner of such steam engine or furnace, except for making glass, erected or in use therein before the time of such acceptance and a hearing, may adjudge it to be dangerous or a nuisance to the neighborhood, and make and record an order prescribing such rules, restrictions and alterations as to the building in which it is constructed or used, the construction and height of its smoke flues, and such other regulations as they deem necessary for the safety of the neighborhood; and the town clerk shall deliver a copy of such order to a constable, who shall serve on the owner an attested copy thereof, and make return of his doings thereon to said clerk within three days after the delivery thereof to him.