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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 137D: Surrender of license or tag for offenses against animals

Section 137D. Unless otherwise specifically provided by law, every license and tag issued under the provisions of sections one hundred and thirty-seven and one hundred and thirty-seven A, or under any ordinance or by-law relative to the licensing of dogs made under the authority of this chapter, held by any person found guilty of, or penalized in any manner for, a violation of any provision of sections seventy-seven, 801/2, eighty A, ninety-four or ninety-five of chapter two hundred and seventy-two, shall be void, and shall immediately be surrendered to the authority issuing such license and tag.

The clerk of the court in whose jurisdiction such finding has been made shall notify the licensing authority in the city or town where the guilty person resides.

No person shall be given a license and tag under authority of section one hundred and thirty-seven and one hundred and thirty-seven A during a period of 5 years from the date of his being found guilty or penalized as aforesaid, and any such license and tag so issued shall be void and shall be surrendered on demand of any authority granting such license and tag. No fee received for a license and tag made void under this section shall be refunded to the holder thereof.