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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 14: Sale of guest's property; notice

Section 14. An innholder, after retaining for six months from the time of departure of a guest from his inn any trunks, bags, valises, parcels, clothing, goods or other personal property of a guest which has been abandoned by such guest, or which such innholder retains by virtue of his lien thereon for the unpaid board, lodging and other charges of such guest, may sell the same by public auction upon the premises of the inn, notice of the time and place of sale first being posted in a conspicuous place in the office of the inn for four weeks prior to the date of such sale, and published once in each of three successive weeks in a newspaper, if any, published in the town where the inn is situated; otherwise, in a newspaper published in the county where the inn is situated, the first publication of such notice to be not less than twenty-one days before the day of sale. A copy of such notice shall be sent by registered mail addressed to said guest at the residence given by him in the register of such inn. Such notice shall contain a descriptive list of all such property and of all such specific marks as may serve to identify such property, and the name of the guest so far as known to such innholder.