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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 160: Euthanizing dogs that have worried or killed stock or fowl; bond

Section 160. The mayor of a city, the selectmen of a town, or their agents who are authorized in writing, to act in such mayor or selectmen's stead may, after written notice to the owner or keeper of a dog, enter upon the premises of the owner or keeper known to such persons to have worried or killed livestock or fowl and then and there euthanize such dog in a humane manner unless such owner or keeper whose premises are entered for that purpose shall give a bond in the sum of $200, with sufficient sureties, conditioned that the dog shall be restrained for 12 months next ensuing. If the owner or keeper of the dog declares an intention to give such a bond, the selectmen, chief of police, or the agent of the selectmen or chief, as the case may be, shall allow the owner or keeper 7 days, exclusive of Sundays and holidays, in which to procure and prepare such bond and to present it, or to file it with the clerk of the town or city in which the owner or keeper resides.