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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 180D: Agency contracts

Section 180D. Every licensee who shall procure for, or offer to an actor, performer or entertainer, hereafter referred to as a client, a theatrical engagement, shall execute in triplicate a contract containing the name and address of the client; the name and address of the employer of the client and the person acting for such employer; the time and duration of such engagement; the amount to be paid to such client; the character of entertainment to be given or services to be rendered; the number of performances per day or per week that are to be given by said client; the name of the person by whom the transportation is to be paid, and the cost of transportation; and the gross commission or fees to be paid by said client and to whom. The licensee shall deliver to each party to the contract a copy thereof and shall keep a copy. The licensee procuring such engagement for such client shall keep a copy of such contract.