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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 185E: Rules and regulations relative to reselling of tickets; investigations; record of licenses

Section 185E. The commissioner shall establish and may from time to time alter rules and regulations relative to the granting of licenses and the business carried on by persons licensed under section one hundred and eighty-five A. He shall, either personally or by such subordinates as he may designate, as often as he deems it necessary, investigate the affairs of such licensees and for that purpose shall have free access to the books and papers of such licensees and shall ascertain the condition of the business and whether it is being transacted in compliance with law and the rules and regulations made hereunder, and with the terms and conditions of the license. The commissioner shall keep a book or books in which shall be entered in alphabetical order a record of all licenses granted under section one hundred and eighty-five A, which record shall be open to public inspection.