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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 21E: Grant of license to dispense food and beverages consumed on premises; governing statutes; fee; names of officers and members; suspension; revocation; excepted organizations

Section 21E. Licensing authorities may grant a license to any club, society, association or other organization, whether incorporated or unincorporated, authorizing it to dispense food and beverages to be consumed on its premises, to its stockholders or members and their guests, but to no others; provided, that the licensing authorities are satisfied that such organization is a proper one to which to grant such a license. Such licenses and the granting thereof shall be subject to the provisions of sections two and four, except that compliance with the provisions of law relative to innholders or common victuallers shall not be required as a condition of obtaining such license. The fee for such a license shall be set by said authorities, but in no event shall any such fee be greater than ten dollars. If such organization is unincorporated, the names of all the officers and members shall be submitted with the application for the license, and shall be kept available for public inspection. Section two hundred and one shall apply to the premises of any organization subject to this section. If any such organization at any time exercises in an improper manner the authority conferred upon it by such license the licensing authorities, after notice to the licensee and reasonable opportunity for a hearing, may upon satisfactory proof thereof suspend or revoke the license. The provisions of this and the following section shall not apply to literary, benevolent, charitable, scientific or religious corporations or religious organizations or associations whose real or personal property is exempt from taxation, nor to any club so long as it is licensed under section twelve of chapter one hundred and thirty-eight to sell alcoholic beverages, as defined in section one of said chapter one hundred and thirty-eight, nor to any recognized veteran or fraternal organization.