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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 32B: Grant, suspension or revocation of license; expiration; renewal; application fees; inspection; reinstatement

Section 32B. The board of health of any city or town, in each instance after a hearing, reasonable notice of which shall have been published once in a newspaper published in such city or town, may grant, and may suspend or revoke, licenses for recreational camps, overnight camps or cabins, motels or manufactured housing communities located within such city or town, which license, unless previously suspended or revoked, shall expire on December thirty-first in the year of issue, but may be renewed annually upon application without such notice and hearing. Such application shall include a true and complete copy of the rules and regulations then in effect for an existing manufactured housing community or, if the application is for an original license, the rules and regulations for the proposed manufactured housing community, together with a certificate from the owner or operator of the community certifying, under the penalties of perjury, that the owner or operator has complied with paragraph (5) of section thirty-two L, that the attorney general and the director of housing and community development have been in receipt of such rules and regulations and any amendments or additions thereto for at least sixty days, and that neither the attorney general nor the director of housing and community development has disapproved any portion of such rules and regulations. Unless otherwise established in a town by town meeting action and in a city by city council action, and in a town with no town meeting by town council action, by adoption of appropriate by-laws and ordinances to set such fees, the fee for each original or renewal license shall be ten dollars, but in no event shall any such fee be greater than fifty dollars. Such board of health shall at once notify the department of environmental protection of the granting or renewal of such a license, and said department shall have jurisdiction to inspect the premises so licensed to determine that the sources of water supply and the works for the disposition of the sewage of such premises are sanitary. If upon inspection of such premises said department finds the sources of water supply to be polluted or the works for the disposition of the sewage to be insanitary, or both of such conditions, said department shall forthwith notify such board of health and such licensee to that effect by registered mail and said board shall forthwith prohibit the use of any water supply found by said department to be polluted. Unless such licensee shall, within thirty days following the giving of such notice, correct the conditions at such premises to the satisfaction of both said department and such board the license so granted shall be suspended or revoked by such board. Any license so suspended may be reinstated by such board when the conditions at such premises, as to sources of water supply and works for the disposition of sewage, are satisfactory to said department and such board. The board of health of a city or town may adopt, and from time to time alter or amend, rules and regulations to enforce this section in such city or town.