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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 32F: ''Mobile home parks'' defined; license requirement for manufactured housing community; copy sent to city or town clerk; exceptions

Section 32F. Any lot or tract of land upon which three or more manufactured homes occupied for dwelling purposes are located, including any buildings, structures, fixtures and equipment used in connection with manufactured homes shall be defined as a manufactured housing community. No lot or tract of land may be used for a manufactured housing community unless the owner or occupant thereof is the holder of a license granted under section thirty-two B. The board of health of a city or town shall, forthwith upon granting an original or renewal license under said section thirty-two B for a manufactured housing community, send a copy of such license to the city or town clerk.

A lot or tract of land provided by a state or county fair, agricultural and horticultural society, grange or 4–H club for the use of manufactured homes to accommodate personnel who are to participate in any fair or exhibition conducted by such organization, which fair or exhibition does not continue for a period of exceeding ten consecutive days, or a lot or tract of land provided by a college or university for the use of manufactured homes to accommodate students lacking dormitory facilities shall not be deemed a manufactured housing community.