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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 46I: Information furnished to applicant for employment; copy of contract; receipt for charges

Section 46I. Each employment agency shall furnish in writing each applicant for employment: (1) information as to the name and address of the person for whom the applicant is to apply for such employment, the kind and character of the employment, the anticipated rate of wages or compensation, the agency fee, whether such employment is permanent or temporary, the name and address of the person authorizing the hiring of such applicant, and the estimated cost of transportation if the services are required outside of the town where such agency is located; and the total fee to be exacted by the employment agency from the applicant, provided that nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to prohibit a licensed employment agency from directing an applicant to employment by telephone, but such telephone message shall comply with the disclosure requirements of this paragraph and shall be, within one day, confirmed in writing by the employment agency and sent to the applicant; a carbon copy of such confirmation shall be kept by the employment agency for a period of at least one year; (2) a true copy of every contract executed between it and such applicant, which shall have printed thereon or attached thereto a copy of section forty-six L; and (3) a receipt for every charge made by the employment agency to the applicant and which the applicant has paid.

The original or duplicate original copy of each such contract and a duplicate receipt for any charges by the employment agency to the applicant shall be retained by the employment agency for three years following the date on which the contract is executed or the payment is made, and shall be made available for inspection by the commissioner or his duly authorized agent or inspector, upon his request.