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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 54: Junk dealers

Section 54. Cities and towns by ordinance or by-law may provide for the licensing, by the police commissioner in Boston, by the license commission in Lowell, by the aldermen in other cities and by the selectmen in towns, of suitable persons to be collectors of, dealers in or keepers of shops for the purchase, sale or barter of junk, old metals or second hand articles, may make rules and regulations relative to their business, and may provide for the supervision thereof. Said licensing board or officer may, except as otherwise provided in such ordinance or by-law, make additional rules, regulations and restrictions which shall be expressed in all licenses. Said licenses may be revoked at pleasure, and shall be subject to sections two hundred and two to two hundred and five, inclusive, except that societies, associations or corporations organized solely for religious or charitable purposes and their agents shall not be required to pay a fee for such licenses.