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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 62: Record book; contents

Section 62. Every licensee shall keep a book on the licensed premises, in such form as shall be approved by the registrar, in which, at the time of the purchase, sale, exchange, or receipt for the purpose of sale, of any second hand motor vehicle or parts thereof, shall be legibly written in the English language an account and description of such motor vehicle or parts, with the name and address of the seller, of the purchaser, and of the alleged owner or other person from whom such motor vehicle or parts were purchased or received or to whom they were delivered, as the case may be. Such description, in the case of motor vehicles, shall also include the identifying number or numbers required by the registrar, and shall also include a statement that the identifying number or numbers have been removed, defaced, altered, changed, destroyed, obliterated or mutilated if such is the fact.