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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 8: Subrogation of fund administrator; right to reimbursement; repayment by contractor; judgment for unpaid amount

Section 8. When the fund administrator has paid from the fund any sum to a claimant, the fund administrator shall be subrogated to all the rights of the claimant up to the amount paid, and the claimant shall assign all the claimant's right, title, and interest in the claim up to the amount paid to the claimant by the fund administrator.

Payment from the fund of any sum to a claimant under this section shall vest in the fund administrator a right to reimbursement to the fund, with interest, any money paid on account of the registered contractor or subcontractor found by the fund administrator to be responsible for the claim.

If the amount paid from the fund, plus interest at a rate set by the fund administrator, is not repaid by the registered contractor or subcontractor on whose account a claim was paid in full, within thirty days after notice, the attorney general may seek legal proceedings to recover against the registered contractor or subcontractor the amount unpaid. The fund administrator shall be entitled to a judgment for such amount upon a showing that: (1) the registrant was afforded notice and an opportunity to be heard in legal actions which resulted in the judgment against the registrant, or in an arbitration proceeding pursuant to section four, and (2) no appeal is pending, and (3) the fund administrator has directed payment from the fund based on the final judgment of a court of competent jurisdiction, or an award of an arbitrator pursuant to section four.

The fund shall be deemed a creditor with respect to any amount paid from the fund for the purpose of excepting to any discharge of the registered contractor or subcontractor under federal bankruptcy law.