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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 1: Definitions

Section 1. In this chapter the following terms, unless a contrary meaning is required by the context or is specifically prescribed, shall have the following meanings:

''Alteration'', change in or addition to a building which reduces the means of exit or fire resistance or changes its structural support, use or occupancy.

''Board'', the state board of building regulations and standards established by section ninety-three.

''Building'', a combination of any materials, whether portable or fixed, having a roof, to form a structure for the shelter of persons, animals or property. For the purpose of this definition ''roof'' shall include an awning or any similar covering, whether or not permanent in nature. The word ''building'' shall be construed where the context requires as though followed by the words ''or part or parts thereof''.

''Commissioner'', the commissioner of the division of occupational licensure.

''Division'', the division of occupational licensure.

''Inspector'', an inspector in the office of public safety and inspections of the division of occupational licensure, except when qualified by the word ''local'', whereupon it shall mean the inspector of buildings, building commissioner or local inspector of a city, town or district, unless otherwise provided in this chapter.

''Repair'', the reconstruction or renewal of a building or structure or part thereof damaged by fire or other cause.

''Specialized code'', all building codes, rules or regulations pertaining to building construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair or demolition promulgated by and under the authority of the various boards which have been authorized from time to time by the general court.

''State building code'', the state building code and amendments and rules and regulations thereto as promulgated by the state board of building regulations and standards under the provisions of section ninety-three, ninety-four and ninety-five.

''Structure'', a combination of materials assembled at a fixed location to give support or shelter, such as a building, framework, retaining wall, tent, reviewing stand, platform, bin, fence, sign, flagpole, recreational tramway, mast for radio antenna or the like. The word ''structure'' shall be construed, where the context allows, as though followed by the words ''or part or parts thereof''.

''Theatre'', a building or part thereof in which it is intended to make a business of the presentation of performances for the entertainment of spectators, which has a seating capacity of more than four hundred, with a stage which can be used for scenery and other appliances.