General Laws

Section 64. All elevators shall be thoroughly inspected and a practical test made of the safety devices required therefor at intervals of not more than one year and at such other times as may be deemed necessary by the inspector; provided, however, that elevators in owner-occupied single family residences, whether attached or detached shall be inspected and tested at intervals of not less than five years; provided, however, that the chief executive officer of any city or town may cause the commissioner to order an inspection of any elevator in such officers jurisdiction, within fourteen calendar days by notifying said commissioner, in writing, of the facts and circumstances which lead such officer to believe that the inspection is necessary; provided, further, that if such inspection is not made within such fourteen day period, such officer may cause an inspection to be made by a state certified elevator inspector selected from a list approved by the secretary of public safety, and the commonwealth shall reimburse any such city or town for the reasonable costs incurred as a result thereof. The inspection and practical test shall be made by a licensed elevator construction man, maintenance or repairman in the presence of an inspector assigned by the commissioner. Within ten days after the inspection, said inspector shall file a complete written report of all changes and defects in apparatus or equipment to the commissioner and the chief executive officer of the city or town in which such inspection occurred, upon forms to be furnished by him.