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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 69: Amendments to regulations generally; assistance by attorney general; furnished to persons concerned; hearings; notice

Section 69. The board of elevator regulations shall from time to time draft amendments to the regulations referred to in section sixty-eight, and shall forthwith transmit such amendments to the commissioner who, within ten days thereafter, shall deposit with the state secretary a copy thereof, and the same shall become effective when so deposited. The attorney general shall assist the board in framing such amendments. The commissioner shall furnish, upon application, a printed copy of such regulations, as so amended, to all manufacturers of elevators operating in the commonwealth, to all inspectors of buildings or building commissioner in the cities and towns of the commonwealth, and to all others who are concerned.

The board of elevator regulations shall hold public hearings on the first Wednesday in May and October in each year, and at such other times as it may determine, on petitions for changes in the regulations formulated by it. If, after any such hearing, it shall deem it advisable to make changes in said regulations, it shall appoint a day for further hearing, and shall give notice thereof and of the changes proposed by advertising in at least one newspaper in each of the cities of Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Fall River, Lowell and Lynn, at least ten days before said hearing. If the board on its own initiative contemplates changes in said regulations, like notice and a hearing shall be given and held before the adoption thereof.