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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 71C: Examinations by board; fees; qualifications of applicants; terms, revocation or suspension of license; appeals; temporary licenses; continuing education requirements

Section 71C. (1) The board shall hold frequent examinations in such municipalities as it deems necessary. Public notice shall be given of all examinations. Each person that makes written application for a elevator mechanic license and complies with the following requirements shall be entitled to be examined: (a) he shall be a current registered elevator constructor apprentice with the division of apprentice training; (b) he shall furnish documentary proof satisfactory to the board, from his registered joint apprentice committee or his current or previous employer or employees engaged primarily in the business of erecting, constructing, installing, altering, testing, repairing or maintaining elevators, escalators, moving walks and other related conveyance equipment, that he has worked not less than 6,000 on-the-job-training hours over a period of not less than 3 years as an elevator constructor apprentice, under the direct and immediate field supervision of a licensed elevator mechanic in the commonwealth; (c) he shall furnish documentary proof to the board of successful completion of a minimum of 450 hours of classroom environment training from an approved instructional training program such as the United States Department of Labor-recognized National Elevator Industry Educational Program, known as NEIEP, or the educational equivalent, having core curriculum standards substantially equal thereto with classroom instruction directly related to erecting, constructing, installing, altering, testing, repairing or maintaining elevators, escalators, moving walks and other related conveyance equipment, recognized and accredited by the division of apprentice training or the department of education. A fee shall accompany each application and each renewal thereof, the amount of which shall be determined annually by the commissioner of administration under section 3B of chapter 7 for the filing thereof. The board shall subject each applicant to a written examination and to such practical tests as it may deem necessary and, if found by the board to be qualified, the applicant shall be granted a license as an elevator constructor, maintenance man and repairman. Each application shall entitle the applicant to 1 examination.

Licenses shall be valid throughout the commonwealth but shall not be assignable or transferable. A license shall continue in force until the date of birth of the licensee occurring more than twelve months but not more than twenty-four months after the date of such license unless suspended or revoked. If any such license or the renewal thereof expires in an even year, any subsequent renewal shall expire on the next anniversary of the licensee's date of birth occurring in an even year. If any such license or renewal thereof expires in an odd year any subsequent renewal shall expire on the next anniversary of the licensee's date of birth occurring in an odd year. A license issued to a person born on February twenty-ninth shall for the purposes of this section expire on March first. Licenses not renewed at the expiration date shall become void, and shall, after one year, be reinstated only by reexamination of the licensee; provided, however, that if the licensee is on active duty with the armed forces of the United States, the license shall remain valid until the licensee is released from active duty and for a period of not less than 90 days following that release. A notice of the date of expiration of a license shall be sent to the licensee at least thirty days prior to such date. Any license may, after notice and hearing, be suspended or revoked by the board for a violation by the holder of any statute or regulation relative to elevators, for incompetency or untrustworthiness of the holder, or for other sufficient cause. Upon suspension or revocation of a license, the holder thereof shall deliver the certificate of such license forthwith to the board. Any applicant or holder of a license aggrieved by the action of the board in denying, revoking or suspending a license may, within ten days, appeal therefrom to the board of elevator regulations whose decision shall be final. Failure of the board to act upon any application for a period of sixty days after the filing thereof shall be deemed to constitute a denial.

The renewal of all licenses granted under the provisions of this section shall be conditioned upon the submission of a certificate of completion of a course designed to ensure the continuing education of licensees on new and existing provisions of the regulations of the board of elevator regulations. Such course shall consist of not less than eight hours of instruction which shall be attended and completed within the one year immediately preceding any such license renewal.

Such course shall be taught by instructors through continuing education providers which may include, but shall not be limited to, association seminars and labor training programs; provided, however, that all such continuing education providers shall be approved by the board of elevator regulations; and provided further, that all instructors shall be licensed in the commonwealth as elevator mechanics, employed or retained by such providers, approved by the board of elevator regulations and exempt from the requirements of the preceding paragraph with regard to his application for license renewal provided that such applicant was qualified as an instructor at any time during the one year immediately preceding the scheduled date for such renewal.

A licensee who is unable to complete the continuing education course required under this section prior to the expiration of his license due to a temporary disability may apply for a waiver from the board of elevator regulations on a form provided by said board which shall be signed under the pains and penalties of perjury and accompanied by a certified statement from a competent physician attesting to such temporary disability. Upon the termination of such temporary disability, such licensee shall submit to said board a certified statement from the same physician, if practicable, attesting to the termination of such temporary disability, at which time a waiver sticker, valid for 90 days, shall be issued to such licensee and affixed to his license.

Approved training providers shall keep uniform records of attendance of licensees following a format approved by the board of elevator regulations and such records shall be available for inspection by said board at its request. Approved training providers shall be responsible for the security of all attendance records and certificates of completion; provided, however, that falsifying or knowingly allowing another to falsify such attendance records or certificates of completion shall constitute grounds for suspension or revocation of the approval required under this section.

(2) Whenever the commissioner finds that an emergency exists in the commonwealth due to disaster or an act of God and that the number of persons in the commonwealth holding licenses granted by the board is insufficient to cope with the emergency, he may issue temporary licenses to such non-residents as have been certified to him by recognized elevator companies doing business in the commonwealth as qualified and competent, and furnish such proof of competency as the commissioner may require. Each such license shall recite that it is valid for the period of one week from the date thereof and for such particular elevators or geographical areas as the commissioner may designate and otherwise shall entitle the licensee to the rights and privileges of a license issued under subdivision (1) of this section. A temporary license may be renewed by the commissioner from week to week during the existence of the emergency. No fee shall be charged for any such license or renewal thereof. No appeal shall lie from any decision, finding or action by the commissioner under this subdivision.