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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 9A: Taking or injuring other property in removing dangerous structures or making them safe

Section 9A. If, by any act done by an officer of a city or town for the purpose of making safe or taking down any dangerous structure, any real estate other than such structure or the parcel of land upon which it stands is taken, used or injured, any person owning an interest in such real estate and not having an interest in such dangerous structure may recover damages for such taking, use or injury from such city or town in a petition for the assessment thereof under chapter seventy-nine filed in the superior court for the county in which such real estate is situated within one year after such taking, use or injury; provided, that if such taking, use or injury occurred not more than three years prior to the effective date of this section, said petition may be filed not more than one year after said effective date.