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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 2: Rules in general; prescription of tests; form of certificate of inspection; assistance of attorney general

Section 2. The board shall formulate rules or adopt rules formulated by a recognized engineering organization, for the construction, installation and inspection of steam boilers and power reactor vessels and piping as used in atomic energy installations and for ascertaining the safe working pressure to be carried therein; prescribe tests, if it deems it necessary, to ascertain the qualities of materials used in the construction of boilers, power reactor vessels and piping; formulate rules regulating the construction and sizes of safety valves for boilers of different sizes and pressures, appliances for indicating the pressure of steam and the level of water in the boiler or power reactor vessel, and such other appliances as the board may deem necessary to safety in operating steam boilers or power reactor vessels; and make a standard form of certificate of inspection. The attorney general shall assist the board in framing the rules. Such rules shall be transmitted to the state fire marshal and be by him filed in the office of the state secretary, and when so filed shall have the force of law.