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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 65: Operators of hoisting machinery; licenses; application; examination

Section 65. Whoever desires to act as an operator of hoisting machinery shall apply to the division of occupational licensure for a license. If the criteria for licensure established by the commissioner of the division of occupational licensure pursuant to section fifty-three are met by the applicant, such applicant shall be required to pass a written or practical examination, or both, in accordance with the standards set in regulations promulgated under the provisions of said section fifty-three. Any operator of hoisting machinery whose license is revoked, and any person who is penalized under the provisions of section fifty-four A, shall be required to pass both a written and practical examination before he may be issued a subsequent license. The passing of the applicable examination shall entitle the applicant to a license to operate hoisting machinery in the category or categories for which he has applied and been examined. Each license issued shall contain a photograph of the licensee.