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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 65A: Issuance of temporary permits by person or entity from which hoisting machinery is to be rented

Section 65A. Whoever desires to act as an operator of compact hoisting machinery for rent for which licensure is required under section 53, on a temporary basis, shall apply to the person or entity from which the machinery is to be rented for a temporary permit; provided, however, that the person or entity renting such machinery shall have obtained authorization to issue temporary permits from the commissioner of the division of professional licensure. If the applicant meets the criteria for issuance of a temporary permit established by the commissioner under said section 53, such applicant shall then be required to pass an examination under the standards set in the regulations promulgated under said section 53. If the applicant passes the examination, the applicant shall be entitled to a temporary permit to operate hoisting machinery in the category or categories for which the applicant has applied and been examined. No temporary permit may be renewed and no person may be issued more than 1 temporary permit in any 45 day period. The commissioner may periodically review the records of any person or entity that is authorized to issue temporary permits to ensure compliance with this section and any regulation promulgated under said section 53.