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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 20: Removal of women to nearest station with matron; jurisdiction

Section 20. If a female is arrested and taken to a police station to which a matron is attached or, if not under arrest, is detained or lodged therein, the police officer there in command shall cause the matron to be summoned forthwith; and if in a city in which a police matron has been appointed, or in Boston, a female is arrested and taken to a station to which no matron is attached, or is received therein for the purpose of detention or lodging, such officer shall cause her to be removed as soon as possible to the nearest station to which a matron is attached, or in Boston, to the house of detention, and the city treasurer shall pay the reasonable expense of such removal upon the requisition of the head of the police department. Such removal of a female shall not deprive any court of any jurisdiction which it would otherwise have had.