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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 36: Necessity of referee and judges; powers and duties; vote; decision; forfeitures; fees of officials; payment

Section 36. At every boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts or other unarmed combative sporting event, sparring match or exhibition there shall be in attendance a referee, duly licensed under this section and sections 35 and 35A. There shall also be in attendance at least 3 duly-licensed judges, each of whom shall, at the termination of a match or exhibition, vote for the contestant in whose favor the decision should, in his opinion, be rendered or, for a draw if, in his opinion, neither contestant is entitled to a decision in his favor and the decision shall be rendered in favor of the contestant receiving a majority of the votes or, if neither receives a majority as aforesaid, a decision of a draw shall be rendered. Upon the rendering of a decision, the vote of each judge shall be announced from the ring. The referee shall have full power to stop the match or exhibition whenever he deems it advisable because of the physical condition of a contestant or when 1 contestant is clearly outclassed by his opponent or for other sufficient reason. The commission shall declare forfeited any prize, remuneration or purse or any part thereof belonging to a contestant if, in the judgment of a majority of the commissioners after consultation with the judges and the referee, the contestant was not competing in good faith. The fees of the referee and other licensed officials shall be fixed by the commission and shall be paid by the licensed organization prior to the match or exhibition.