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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 157A: Employees paid by piece; tickets stating basis of remuneration; posting statement of amount of pay earned

Section 157A. Every person operating a factory or workshop shall supply to each employee therein who is paid by the piece, either at the time when such employee starts work or before the particular job or unit of work assigned to him is completed, and in any event before the day on which the next pay roll is calculated, a printed or written ticket, stating the basis of remuneration for the particular operation to be performed by such employee, or, in lieu of supplying such ticket, shall post in such factory or workshop within forty-eight hours after any such employee has completed any particular job or unit of work a statement showing the amount of pay earned thereon by such employee in addition to any hourly, daily or weekly rate, or by such other method as may be approved by the department of labor and workforce development, to which he may be entitled therefor.