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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 18E: Safety precautions in dangerous undertakings; longshore and waterfront operations

Section 18E. Persons working in locations where there is a hazard to the head or eyes shall be safeguarded by means of head or eye protection.

Protection may be required for persons working under conditions where there is a hazard to the body, hands or feet.

Safety belts shall be of approved type. Lifelines shall be of strength equivalent to one-half inch manila rope.

At least two life buoys or life rings with appropriate lines attached shall be kept in conveniently accessible places where employees' work exposes them to the hazard of drowning, or each employee so exposed shall wear a life vest. Life vests may be required for workers who are in constant and imminent danger of drowning.

Readily located ladders shall be provided on all docks, wharves or piers where employees' work exposes them to the hazard of drowning. The ladders shall reach from the floor of the structure to the lowest water elevation. Portable ladders shall be equipped with a substantial means to readily secure them to the structure.