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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 44G: Allowances; alternates; weather protection devices

Section 44G. (A) ''Allowance'' as used herein means a sum of money covering one or more items of labor or labor and materials which is designated in bid documents and which general bidders are required to use in computing their bids. The use of such allowances shall be prohibited in the award of any contract subject to the provisions of section forty-four A. Whenever the designer is unable to supply specifications for any item prior to the solicitation of bids, such item shall not be included in any contract subject to the provisions of section forty-four A. The awarding authority shall solicit bids for every such item separately pursuant to the provisions of section forty-four A after specifications for that item are prepared.

(B) Every alternate contained in the form for general bids shall be listed in a numerical sequence in order of priority. When the awarding authority decides to consider alternates in determining the lowest eligible and responsible bidder, the awarding authority shall consider the alternates in descending numerical sequence, such that no single alternate shall be considered unless every alternate preceding it on the list has been added to or subtracted from the base bid price.

(C) The use of options other than alternates in bid documents or bid forms subject to section forty-four A shall be prohibited under all circumstances.

(D) Every contract subject to section forty-four A shall include specifications for the installation of weather protection and shall require that the contractor shall install the same and that he shall furnish adequate heat in the area so protected during the months of November through March. Standards for such specifications shall be established by the commissioner or his designee.