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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 44H: Enforcement

Section 44H. Except as otherwise provided by sections 44A to 44H, inclusive, and except for the consideration and determination after contract award as to whether an item is equal to an item named or described in the specifications for a contract, the attorney general or his designee shall enforce sections 44A to 44H, inclusive, of this chapter and section 39M of chapter 30, sections 38C to 38N, inclusive, of chapter 7, and chapter 149A. The attorney general shall have all the necessary powers to require compliance therewith including the power to institute and prosecute proceedings in the superior court to restrain the award of contracts and the performance of contracts in all cases where, after investigation of the facts, he has made a finding that the award or performance has resulted in violation, directly or indirectly, of said sections 44A to 44H, inclusive, or of said section 39M or of said sections 38C to 38N, inclusive, or of said chapter 149A, and he shall not be required to pay the clerk of the court any entry fee in connection with the institution of the proceeding.