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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 83: Violation of statutes by minors; revocation of badge; refusal to surrender; working after revocation

Section 83. Any minor who engages in any of the trades or occupations mentioned in section sixty-nine in violation of any provision of sections sixty-nine, seventy or seventy-two to seventy-four, inclusive, shall for the first offence be warned by the supervisors or officers mentioned in section seventy-seven, and the parent, guardian or custodian shall be notified. In case of a second violation, such minor may be arrested and dealt with as a delinquent child, or, if over seventeen, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding fifteen dollars. Upon the recommendation of the principal or chief executive officer of the school which such minor attends, or upon the complaint of any supervisor of attendance, police officer, inspector or probation officer, the badge of any minor violating any provision of sections seventy to seventy-three, inclusive, or who becomes delinquent or fails to comply with all legal requirements concerning school attendance, may be revoked for three months by the officer issuing the same and the badge taken from such minor. If any minor refuses to surrender such badge, or works at any of the occupations mentioned in section sixty-nine after notice of the revocation of such badge, he shall be deemed to have violated section seventy.