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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 88: School record for employment permit; educational qualification; necessary school attendance

Section 88. The school record required by section eighty-seven shall be filled out and signed by the principal or teacher in charge of the school which the child last attended, and shall be furnished only to a child who, after due examination and investigation, is found to be entitled thereto. Said school record shall state the grade last completed by such child and the studies pursued in completion thereof. It shall state the number of days during which such child has attended school during the twelve months next preceding the time of application for said school record. It shall also give the name, date of birth, and the residence of the child as shown on the records of the school and the name of the parent, guardian or custodian. If the school record is not obtainable from the principal or teacher in charge of the school which such child last attended, the requirement of a school record may be waived.

No such school record shall be issued or accepted and no employment permit granted unless the child possesses the educational qualifications described in section one of chapter seventy-six; provided, that a child over fourteen who does not possess such qualifications may be granted a limited employment permit good only during hours when school is not in session.

No such school record shall be issued or accepted unless the child has regularly attended the public or other lawfully approved schools for not less than one hundred and thirty days after becoming thirteen; provided, that the school record may be accepted in the case of a person who has been an attendant at a public day or other lawfully approved school for a period of not less than seven years, if in the opinion of the superintendent of schools such person is mentally incapable of acquiring the educational qualifications herein prescribed; and provided, further, that the superintendent may suspend this requirement in any case when in his opinion the interests of the child will best be served thereby.