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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 89: Employment permits; contents; signatures; fee; duplicate; records; papers furnished by department; explanatory matter

Section 89. The employment permit required under this chapter shall state the name, sex, date and place of birth and the place of residence of the child, and describe the color of his hair and eyes and any distinguishing facial marks. It shall certify that the child named in such permit has personally appeared before the person issuing the permit and has been examined, and, except in the case of a limited permit, found to possess the educational qualifications described in section one of chapter seventy-six, and that all the papers required by section eighty-seven have been duly examined, approved and filed and that all the conditions and requirements for issuing an employment permit have been fulfilled. It shall state the grade last completed by said child. Every such permit shall be signed in the presence of the person issuing the same by the child in whose name it is issued. It shall state the name of the employer for whom, and the nature of the employment in which, the permit authorizes the child to be employed. It shall bear a number, show the date of its issue and be signed by the person issuing it. No fee shall be exacted by a town clerk or other official for an employment permit or for any paper required by sections eighty-seven to ninety-five, inclusive. No duplicate employment permit shall be issued until it shall appear to the satisfaction of the person authorized to issue permits that the original has been lost. A record giving all the facts contained on every employment permit issued shall be filed in the office issuing the same, together with the papers required by section eighty-seven. A record shall also be kept of the names and addresses of all children to whom permits have been refused, together with the names of the schools which said children should attend and the reasons for refusal. All the aforesaid records and papers shall be preserved until such children, if living, have become 18. Such records and statistics concerning the issuance of employment permits as may be prescribed by the department of education shall be kept, and shall be open to the inspection of said department, its officers or agents. The blank permits and other papers required in connection with the issuing of employment permits and educational certificates under this chapter shall be furnished to the local school committees by the department of labor standards, by which they shall be prepared after conference with the department of education and the approval of the forms thereof by the attorney general. Said permits, certificates and papers may bear explanatory matter necessary to facilitate the enforcement of this chapter or to comply with future legislative requirements.