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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 13: Payment of required contribution; secondary adjustment payments; credited to unemployment compensation fund

Section 13. The contributions required hereunder shall be paid to the commonwealth in such manner and at such times as the commissioner may prescribe, and shall be paid over by the commissioner to the state treasurer and credited by him to the Unemployment Compensation Fund.

Should the commissioner determine at any time that the solvency of the Unemployment Compensation Fund is in jeopardy and the continuation of benefit payments or Federal loan repayments is in danger, he shall add to every employer's contribution rate a uniform secondary adjustment payment in an amount sufficient to ensure that the Federal loans can be repaid in full before September 30.

Each employer shall be required to make contributions authorized pursuant to this section, in addition to any other payments required under this chapter, in accordance with the following table:

The secondary adjustment payments shall be paid to the commissioner in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the commissioner. The commissioner shall deposit the receipts of such payments into the Unemployment Compensation Fund established in section 48 or the Federal Loan Interest Fund established in section 14K. Such payments shall not be subject to the allowable state tax revenue limitations established by chapter 29B or chapter 62F. Prior to the depositing of the receipts, the commissioner may deduct all administrative costs incurred as a result of this section, including an amount as determined by the United States Secretary of Labor in accordance with federal cost rules, if applicable.

Except where inconsistent with the terms of this section, the terms and conditions of this chapter which are applicable to the payments and the collection of contributions shall apply to the same extent to the payment of and the collection of secondary adjustment payments, including that those payments shall be credited to each employer's account for the purpose of determining the employer's experience rate for the next succeeding calendar year pursuant to paragraph (1) of subsection (h) of section 14. Upon his determination that a secondary adjustment payment is due, the commissioner shall give notice to the joint committee on commerce and labor of the amount necessary for collection to maintain the solvency of the Fund. The notice shall be made within 10 days.