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The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 47: Assignments; attachments; liability for debts

Section 47. No payment shall be assignable or subject to attachment or be liable in any way for debts, except to a veteran's agent or the secretary of veterans' services as and to the extent permitted by section five of chapter one hundred and fifteen and except as permitted to the department of public welfare under chapters eighteen, one hundred and seventeen, one hundred and eighteen, and the division of medical assistance under one hundred and eighteen E, and except to an obligee of support payments who is entitled to receive such payments pursuant to a support order under chapter two hundred and eight, two hundred and nine, two hundred and nine C, two hundred and seventy-three or two hundred and nine D. The division shall permit a veteran's agent, the secretary of veteran's services, the department of public welfare and the division of medical assistance to inspect the records of the division to ascertain the existence of a claim for personal injuries filed with the division by any employee under this chapter and the existence of any assignment, attachment, or liability for debts permitted under the provisions of this section. This section shall prevail over sections 9–406 and 9–408 of chapter 106 to the extent, if any, that such sections might otherwise apply.