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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 10: Change of name

Section 10. A corporation, except one subject to chapter one hundred and fifty-six or chapters one hundred and sixty to one hundred and sixty-three, inclusive, may at a meeting duly called for the purpose, by vote of two thirds of each class of stock outstanding and entitled to vote, or, in case such corporation has no capital stock, by vote of two thirds of the persons legally qualified to vote in meetings of the corporation, or, if such corporation without capital stock is a mutual insurance corporation, by two thirds of the votes of its policyholders cast at such a meeting, or by a larger vote if its agreement of association or by-laws shall so require, change its name; provided, that no corporation subject to section twenty-six of chapter one hundred and eighty shall change its name until after approval of such change by the secretary. Articles of amendment signed and sworn to by the president, treasurer and a majority of the directors or other officers having the powers of directors, shall, within thirty days after such meeting, be prepared, setting forth such amendment and the due adoption thereof. Such articles shall be submitted to the secretary who shall examine them, and if he finds that they conform to the requirements of law, he shall, subject to section thirty of chapter sixty-nine if applicable to such articles, so certify and endorse his approval thereon. Thereupon the secretary shall direct the officers of the corporation to publish in such form as he may see fit, in a newspaper published in the county where the corporation has its principal office or place of business, notice of such change of name. When the secretary is satisfied that such notice has been published as required by him, he shall, upon payment of a fee to be determined annually by the commissioner of administration under the provision of section three B of chapter seven by a corporation subject to the provisions of either chapter one hundred and sixty-four or chapter one hundred and seventy-five and by all other corporations subject to the provisions of this section, grant a certificate of the name which the corporation shall bear, which name shall thereafter be its legal name, and he shall cause the articles of amendment to be filed in his office. In the case of corporations subject to chapter one hundred and seventy-five or one hundred and seventy-six, the approval of the commissioner of insurance shall be required before the state secretary approves the articles of amendment. No articles of amendment changing the name of any corporation shall take effect until they have been filed in the office of the secretary as aforesaid.