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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 15: Failure, refusal or neglect to call meeting; alternative method

Section 15. If, by reason of the death or absence of the officers of a corporation, or other cause, there is no person duly authorized to call or preside at a legal meeting, or if the clerk or other officer refuses or neglects to call it, a justice of the peace may, upon written application of three or more of the members or stockholders, or, in case of a corporation organized under chapter one hundred and fifty-six, upon written application of any number of stockholders who are entitled to vote and who hold at least one tenth part in interest of the capital stock entitled to vote at the meeting, issue a warrant to any one of them, directing him to call a meeting by giving such notice as is required by law, and may in the same warrant direct him to preside at the meeting until a clerk is duly chosen and qualified if no officer is present legally authorized to preside.