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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 2: Examination of certificates and reports by state secretary; records; reports

Section 2. The secretary shall examine the certificates and reports relative to corporations submitted to him under the provisions of law, and make suitable endorsements upon such as conform to the requirements of law. He shall keep a record of the names of corporations which submit certificates to his inspection, of the date of inspection and of his certificates when given, and of the results in brief of his inspection. He shall report to the attorney general instances of neglect or omission on the part of corporations to comply with the provisions of law for the enforcement of the penalties therefor. The secretary shall on each business day furnish to the commissioner of revenue a list of all applications for incorporation, changes in corporate structure or powers, and proposals for the merger, dissolution, or revival of corporations filed on the next preceding business day, and shall also furnish to said commissioner, without cost, copies of such other documents relative to corporations as said commissioner may request.