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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 5: Violations of Sec. 4; investigation; penalties; injunction

Section 5. The department of public utilities or the department of telecommunications and cable may investigate and determine whether any person is violating the preceding section; and any person violating any provision thereof shall forfeit to the commonwealth one hundred dollars a day for every day or part thereof during which such violation continues after the determination aforesaid. Any such violation shall forthwith be reported by the department to the attorney general, after said determination and notice thereof to such person. The said forfeiture may be recovered by an information or other appropriate proceeding brought in the supreme judicial or superior court in the name of the attorney general. Upon such information or other proceeding the court may issue an injunction restraining such person from further prosecution of his business within the commonwealth during the pendency of such proceeding or for all time, and may make such other order or decree as equity and justice may require.

This and the preceding section shall not apply to the continued use by any person of any name or title adopted prior to April seventeenth, nineteen hundred and thirteen.