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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 50A: Failure to file reports or returns; application of secretary or commissioner to dissolve

Section 50A. If a corporation has failed to comply with the provisions of law requiring the filing of reports with the state secretary or tax returns with the commissioner of revenue for two consecutive years, or if the secretary is satisfied that a corporation has become inactive and that its dissolution would be in the public interest, said secretary or said commissioner may apply to the supreme judicial court for its dissolution, and the court, after notice by mail or otherwise as it may order, may decree such dissolution subject to the provisions of sections fifty-one, fifty-two and fifty-six. The said secretary or said commissioner may include as many corporations in a single application as they deem fit and the court may include in its decree any or all thereof. The secretary or the commissioner shall furnish to each county law library within the commonwealth, upon application therefor, a copy, mimeographed or otherwise prepared as he shall determine, of the list of the corporations dissolved as herein provided.