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The 190th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 56: Revival of corporations dissolved under provisions of Sec. 50A

Section 56. If the secretary finds that a corporation has been dissolved subject to the provisions of this section by act of the general court or under the provisions of section fifty A and that such corporation ought to be revived for all purposes or for any specified purpose or purposes with or without limitation of time, he may, not later than five years after the effective date of said act or after the date of the court decree dissolving such corporation under authority of said section fifty A, as the case may be, upon application by an interested party, file in his office a certificate, in such form as he may prescribe, reviving such corporation as aforesaid; and provided, further, that if the sole purpose of the revival of such a dissolved corporation is to enable it to convey title to property or to sell and convey property and to distribute the proceeds among those entitled thereto, and if the revival is for a period not exceeding one year, the secretary may file such certificate of revival at any time after the date of dissolution. The secretary may subject the revival of such corporation to such terms and conditions, including the payment of reasonable fees, as in his judgment the public interest may require. Upon the filing of a certificate reviving a corporation for all purposes, said corporation shall stand revived with the same powers, duties and obligations as if it had not been dissolved, except as otherwise provided in said certificate; and all acts and proceedings of its officers, directors and stockholders or members, acting or purporting to act as such, which would have been legal and valid but for such dissolution, shall, except as aforesaid, stand ratified and confirmed. If such a corporation is revived as aforesaid for a limited time or for any specified purpose or purposes, it shall stand revived for such time or for the accomplishment of such purpose or purposes in accordance with the terms of the secretary's certificate. For cause shown to his satisfaction, the secretary may, by certificate filed as aforesaid, extend the time for which a corporation revived for a limited time shall stand revived.