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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 112: Annual report; failure or refusal to file; penalties

Section 112. If a corporation fails or refuses to file its annual report within the time prescribed by section one hundred and nine, the state secretary shall subject the filing of the report to the payment of an additional fee, to be set at an initial rate of twenty-five dollars, to be subsequently determined from time to time by the secretary of administration and finance pursuant to the provisions of section three B of chapter seven.

If the corporation fails to file the annual report within six months of the date prescribed by section one hundred and nine, the state secretary may give notice by mail postage prepaid, to such corporation of its default. If it omits to file such report within thirty days after notice of default has been given, it shall pay, in addition to the sum provided above, not less than five dollars nor more than ten dollars for each day for fifteen days after the expiration of said thirty days, and not less than ten dollars nor more than two hundred dollars for each day thereafter during which such default continues, or any other sum, not greater than the maximum penalty or forfeiture, which the court may deem just and equitable.