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The 189th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Section 2: Definitions; corporation; articles of organization

Section 2. In this chapter, unless a contrary intention appears:

(a) ''corporation'' shall mean a corporation to which, under section three, this chapter applies; and

(b) ''articles of organization'' of a corporation shall mean its articles of organization, including any special act of incorporation, as from time to time amended by any of the following amendments:

(1) a certificate of a vote adopting the provisions of this chapter filed pursuant to section five;

(2) a certificate of a vote establishing a series filed pursuant to section twenty-six;

(3) articles of amendment filed pursuant to section seventy-two or section seventy-three;

(4) restated articles of organization filed pursuant to section seventy-four;

(5) articles of consolidation or merger filed pursuant to section seventy-eight, section seventy-nine, section eighty-two or section eighty-three;

(6) articles of dissolution filed pursuant to section one hundred; and

(7) a certificate as to the revival of a corporation filed pursuant to section one hundred and eight.